Does Good Skincare Make a Difference?

When it comes to appearances, many people tend to neglect skin care. Some women will simply focus on makeup that covers up blemishes when they want to look good while men will stick to a very rudimentary skincare routine.

However, the skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body. Its appearance has a huge impact that should not be underestimated. So, yes, having a good skincare routine can absolutely make a difference. Here is why you should work on developing a good skincare regimen for yourself and your loved ones.


A good skincare routine will give you healthy and youthful-looking skin. This can limit your need to use makeup to enhance your appearance and make those that prefer to go makeup-free feel more confident about their looks. With fewer blemishes, there is less concealing that needs to be done, allowing for a simpler makeup routine.


With a good skincare routine, you increase the likelihood of having more consistently healthy and clear skin. You will be less prone to blemishes and breakouts. Without these issues, you have fewer skin health concerns to be worried about. Dry and damaged skin is another matter that in some cases can get so bad as to require medical consultation, treatment, and medication to resolve. This stress and expense can be avoided by making more of an effort to keep your skin in good shape through prevention.


When we look good, we also tend to feel good. Whether or not you have makeup on, the knowledge that you have clear and glowing skin is often enough to put some pep in your step. You become less self-conscious when around others, making it easier to be sociable and glad to be the centre of attention.


A good skincare routine works. You may not see the results immediately, but with time and consistency, your skin health and appearance will improve. Much the same way skin can absorb pollutants that damage it, it can also absorb quality ingredients that can heal it. It is simply a matter of finding skincare products that have the right ingredients that will help in overcoming whatever skin challenges you face. Keep in mind that skin cells are continually being shed and developing, so you have to stick to your routine loyally to ensure consistent outcomes.

As you consider what kind of skincare routine to establish, begin by factoring in the kind of products you will use. Not everything you find on store shelves or online should be included. Here is what you can expect from quality skincare products.

Quality Ingredients – As said, there are many helpful skincare ingredients. When considering which products to add to your regimen, check on what is included that would be beneficial to your condition. The Environ skincare range is ideal for those with dry skin thanks to their prominent inclusion of Vitamin A in their formula, besides other helpful vitamins. Vitamin A helps to promote faster healing when a breakout occurs, stimulates natural moisturising, and boosts the skin’s immune system.

An emphasis on natural ingredients is also preferable to avoid the problem of skin irritation. Fragrances, artificial colouring, parabens, and other chemical ingredients can cause flare-ups. Depending on the skin type, certain natural ingredients can prove soothing and enriching.

Sun Protection – The sun is a vital source of vitamin D, but its UV rays can be harmful to the skin. These rays can affect certain processes in skin cells, resulting in unpleasant changes in skin growth, appearance, and health. This is why you need skin care products that include sun protection. This should however still be paired with regular sunscreen use whenever you go outdoors.

Skin Type – We all have different skin types that can influence the selection of ingredients that will work best. Generally, people will either have dry, oily, or combination skin. Some will also have sensitive skin that requires more natural and calming ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile.

Dry skin products should have ingredients that will calm irritation and promote moisturisation. Those with oily skin should opt for products with a light moisturising effect and cleansers that help to reduce the frequency and extent of breakouts.

Tips for A Good Skincare Routine

When shopping for skincare products, you will find a huge range of options. Here are some basic items to add to your shopping basket and make an essential part of your daily routine.

1.    Cleanser

Do not use body soap to wash your face. A gentle facial cleanser is a better way to go that will leave you feeling and looking refreshed. Use lukewarm water to avoid drying out your skin with too much heat and stripping your facial skin of its natural oils. Focus on options designed for your skin type. Those for dry skin should not have alcohol which can further dehydrate the skin. Those with oily skin should go for options with oil-free ingredients.

2.    Toner

This is particularly helpful to those with oily and sensitive skin. It is applied after you have cleansed and helps to smoothen and calm skin. It also helps to remove excess makeup and restores pH balance. Some cleansers and the chemicals in makeup can be aggressive, disrupting pH balance, hence the need for extra help that will reduce the risk of breakouts.

3.    Moisturiser

After cleaning and toning, the next step should be moisturising. This is important also for those with oily skin who should stick to light oil-free moisturisers. Those with dry skin will benefit from the hydration and smoothening effect. To further trap some moisture, apply while the face is still slightly damp.

4.    Sunscreen

Many skincare products will have sunscreen protection. This is adequate at night, but if intending to go out in the daytime, you should still apply normal sunscreen on top. Even if it is going to be a cloudy day. Ensure SPF 30 at a minimum.

5.    Exfoliation

Do consider exfoliating about once or twice a week. This should be done after cleansing but before moisturising. There are many chemical and physical products and devices you can use for removing dead skin cells this way. Again, choose the most suitable product for your skin type, however, those with dry and sensitive skin should ideally reduce the use of this type of product as it can aggravate their condition.

6.    Serums

Serums are a great way to combat the free radical damage skin cells suffer. They typically contain high concentrations of antioxidants, retinols, and peptides that also have an anti-ageing effect and stimulate collagen production. They should be applied before moisturising to give the skin a good opportunity to absorb deeply. Some are used as topical treatments to treat specific conditions like dryness, redness, dark spots, and acne.