Utilising 700nm wavelengths the filtered light applied to the epidermis is absorbed by the melanin and transformed into eat, thus targeting the hair follicle. Only the “active hair” can be treated so a set of treatments is necessary for a gradual and visible hair reduction.

The cooling hand piece, makes any interfacing gel unnecessary and helps the treatment to be more comfortable.

How Many treatments are needed?

Treatment Interval 4 Weeks
Recommended Treatments 6-10 Treatments
Maintenance Treatments 3-24 Months

Lip $25Course of 3 $65Course of 6 $125
Chin $27Course of 3 $75Course of 6 $135
Underarm $27Course of 3 $75Course of 6 $135
G-String $49Course of 3 $105Course of 6 $135
GString/UA $59Course of 3 $165Course of 6 $295
Underarm $27Course of 3 $75Course of 6 $135
Brazilian $59Course of 3 $195Course of 6 $345
Braz/UA $79Course of 3 $195Course of 6 $345
Half Leg $120Course of 3 $330Course of 6 $600
Full Leg $180Course of 3 $480Course of 6 $900

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