Winter Beauty Advice

Looking your best during cold winter months can be a different challenge from the rest of the year. Your skin is exposed directly to the cold temperatures as well as wind, rain, and other natural elements which can cause it to dry out and crack.

To help, we’ve created this brief guide on maintaining a healthy and beautiful appearance during the winter with some top tips.

Avoid Hot Showers

When coming in from the cold it can be tempting to have a hot shower, but it’s a temptation that’s best resisted. One of the main issues with hot showers is that while they may help remove dirt, they can also strip your skin of essential natural oils.

These oils offer protection from the cold weather, meaning you have soft and supple skin all year round. Without them, your skin may be prone to drying and becoming flaky, while cracking can also occur. As such, it’s best to keep the temperature down a little to help preserve some of your skin’s natural oils.

Moisturize Before You Dry

Most people will reach for a towel as soon as they step out of the shower, but this is not always the best move. In fact, it will often be better if you waited and dry yourself until after you have applied moisturizer and other products.

Moisturizing before drying will help the product lock more water into your skin, keeping it soft and supple. You might need to check if this approach is compatible with the products you use before you start, with some products offering better results than others.

Drink Lots of Water

We are often encouraged to drink plenty of water through the summer, and the same advice stands for the winter months. This is because while heat causes us to lose more water, the cold means the skin can’t maintain moisture as well as it usually does. The best way to overcome this water loss is to replace it by drinking plenty of fresh water.

Plus, of course, drinking lots of water helps boost your overall health and helps your liver and kidneys keep your body free from contaminants. With a clean and healthy blood circulation supplying your skin with all the moisture and nutrition it needs, your skin is more likely to look great despite the weather.

Use Lip Moisturizer

During the winter, our lips are exposed to cold winds and other elements that can cause them to dry out. And bearing in mind our lips don’t have oil glands, they don’t have the same protection as the rest of our body. This combination of the cold and a lack of protection can cause your lips to dry out quickly and easily.

Dry lips can become cracked, which not only looks bad but can also be painful. The good news is that there’s a range of balms and other products available that will help keep your lips moisturized regardless of the weather. And not only do they help keep your lips healthy, but such balms can also add a shine to your lips while many also taste fantastic.

Use Humidifiers at Home

Cold temperatures tend to cause a drop in moisture in the air, potentially causing your skin to dry out. One solution to the problem is to use a humidifier to restore air moisture at home, or even in the office, giving your skin a chance to regain some moisture.

The best humidifiers on the market will also help prevent the growth and bacteria and mould, which are common issues where humidity is present. You should also try using products that use evaporative systems so they emit pure, hydrated water rather than water vapour which might otherwise cause issues.

Check Your Product’s Ingredients

There is no shortage of beauty products that will help keep your skin healthy and looking at its best during the winter. Most of the products will offer some degree of protection, but it’s wise to check the ingredients of the products you use regardless.

Ingredients to look out for include those that are effective moisturizers to prevent your skin from drying out. Not only that, but other ingredients also help strengthen your skin barrier, offering more protection from the elements.

Don’t Forget Your Hands

While many people focus on keeping their facial skin in good health, it’s just as important to remember the rest of your body, particularly your hands. They are often exposed to the elements just as much as our faces, meaning they face the same challenges.

Make sure to moisturize your hands regularly during the winter, applying lotion or other products throughout the day. Wearing gloves is another way of helping to keep your hands well-moisturized despite cold weather and they will also help keep you warm.


Above are just a few top tips on how to maintain beauty throughout the winter. Winter beauty mostly involves making sure to moisturize thoroughly to help prevent your skin from drying out and cracking from exposure to the elements. You should also remember to offer your skin all the protection you can, and let your body’s natural protection do its work.

If you have any questions regarding beauty tips over the winter or the rest of the year, then feel free to get in touch. Our friendly and professional team are experts in all types of skincare and other beauty procedures and can help keep you looking your best no matter what the weather is like.